Jiuzu Hong

Version 2I’m currently an associate professor in the Department of mathematics at university of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I got my Ph.D. at Tel Aviv University in 2012 under the supervision of Joseph Bernstein. I was a Gibbs assistant professor at Yale University during 2012-2015.

Research interests:    Representation theory, Algebraic geometry

My recent research is related to  affine Grassmannian, Schubert varieties, conformal blocks, affine Demazure modules, parahoric group schemes, moduli of G-bundles, etc.

I’m currently the chair of Mathematics Colloquium at UNC.  I’m also co-organizing  the seminar: Geometric methods in representation theory

Virtual workshop on geometric representation theory—with a focus on flag varieties and affine Grassmannians  July 25-29, 2022